• Catriona Simental

A bit about me.

Born and raised in Carthage, Missouri, I always craved a bigger, more diverse area with greater opportunity. I moved to Arizona in 2010, living in different parts of the valley until I met this one special guy and eventually decided to settle down and create a home in Mesa. ​Two sweet, silly children and a loving husband now fill my heart and the corners of my home studio in Mesa, Arizona.

Experiencing nearly every form of abuse, dating from my early teens to my early twenties, has blessed me with the ability to relate to every woman who has gone through all different sorts of traumas. I'm no longer afraid to tell my stories and I encourage others to tell me theirs. Going through the struggles and learning to love myself afterwards has given me the urge to help others do the same. 

We are always growing, changing and evolving into better versions of ourselves. This happens multiple times throughout our lives. My goal is to help you find a way to get to the next step in your personal evolution. During your consultation you will hear my story. You can tell me as little or as much as you want in a safe, no judgement space. After discussing your story, I'll ask you how you hope to evolve from here. 

Confidence, strength, assertiveness and self-love are just some of the characteristics I finally possess and can help you discover within yourself. Upon delivery of your portraits, you will have a permanent reminder that YOU ARE exactly the woman you want to become because you would have already become her during your time in front of my lens. 

If you've already overcome your struggles and want to celebrate yourself, I'd be honored to celebrate with you.

Everyone deserves to exist in photographs.

Everyone deserves to see their beauty in photographs.

Put your trust in me and the empowering, transformational photoshoot

experience that I offer.

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